KitKat is one of the world's best-known brands in the sweet products industry. It is an excellent combination of chocolate and waffles, which was first introduced to the public in the UK in 1935. KitKat's main message is 'Take your breath...
eat KitKat!" "KitKat" has never been as relevant to our customers as it is now!
KitKat aims to become the most popular and loved chocolate brand in the world!

KK Zebra

NESTLÉ® KIT KAT Marbled 4 Finger ZEBRA bar, 41.5g. KITKAT Zebra will surprise even those who have seen everything! The novelty of waffles covered with dark and white chocolate will allow you to enjoy a new, as yet unseen combination. 


NESTLÉ® KIT KAT POP waffle balls in milk chocolate with peanut cream, corn and chia seeds, 110g. Milk chocolate and waffle balls with peanut cream, corn and chia seed filling. 


NESTLÉ® KIT KAT POP CHOC waffle and milk chocolate balls in a sachet, 140g - Crispy waffle pieces, covered with milk chocolate (57.8%). It is an excellent combination of crispy waffles and tender milk chocolate in one ball.

Chunky K

NESTLÉ® KIT KAT CHUNKY multipack (4x40g). The chocolate bar consists of four layers of waffles covered with mild milk chocolate (68.5%). Milk chocolate contains cocoa butter and other vegetable fats.

KK Mini

NESTLÉ® KIT KAT weighing chocolates, 6.68kg - Chocolate candy consists of two waffle pieces covered with mild milk chocolate (68.4%).


NESTLÉ® KITKAT® 4 Finger chocolate bar, 41.5 g - Waffle in milk chocolate (68.2%).

KK white

NESTLÉ® KIT KAT CHUNKY WHITE bar in white chocolate, 40g - Waffle in white chocolate (68.5%). It is a unique combination of crispy waffle and white chocolate.

KK Cookie

NESTLÉ® KIT KAT CHUNKY Cookie Dough bar, 42g - This is a unique combination of crispy waffles, milk chocolate and biscuits that won't allow even the biggest chocolate gourmets to remain indifferent!

Chunky K

NESTLÉ® KITKAT® CHUNKY chocolate bar, 40 g - Waffle in milk chocolate (68.2%)

Peanut butter

CHOCOLATE BAR KIT KAT CHUNKY Peanut Butter - with crispy waffles, peanut butter and milk chocolate glaze.

chunky duo

NESTLÉ® KITKAT® CHUNKY 2pack bars, 64g. Waffle in milk chocolate (68%).

Hazel nut K

NESTLÉ® KITKAT® CHUNKY HAZELNUT – bar with creamy hazelnut filling, 42g - Waffle with hazelnut cream filling (19.7%), coated with milk chocolate (61.8%). Milk chocolate contains vegetable fats alongside cocoa butter

KK Coco

NESTLÉ® KIT KAT Delicious Coconut šokolādes tāfelīte, 112g. Kokosriekstu garšas tāfelīte ir baltās (38.4%) un piena (31.1%) šokolādes kombinācija, kas savijas ar izsmalcinātu kokosriekstu garšu.

KK Caramel

NESTLÉ® KIT KAT Caramel & Cappuccino chocolate bar, 112g. Crispy four-layer waffle, coated with white (30.6%) and milk (39%) chocolate, which will give you a strong taste of caramel and cappuccino.

KK choco

NESTLÉ® KIT KAT Double Chocolate chocolate bar, 112g. Waffle with milk (59.9%) and dark (9.6%) Chocolate. KITKAT double chocolate bar - for true lovers of classics.